Hey, I am LABB, which stands for my real, full name. You can also call me Luiz! Besides being a software developer, I like writing tech-related articles, playing video games, watching movies & tv shows. And let’s not forget listening to lots of music.

One of my passions is free and open-source software, and because of that I am the maintainer of Privacidade Digital, a Brazilian Portuguese website with digital privacy tool recommendations, translated and localized from the PrivacyTools project. I’m also currently involved with other side projects you can check on my Portfolio.

You can find me on the Fediverse at

See you there! 😊

This website

The idea of this website is to provide a simple, responsive, and effective way of showcasing my posts and projects. I’ve made it using Jekyll and some other tools (details here).

You can switch the website’s language by selecting the 文A icon (located on the top-right corner), then selecting the desired language, when available.

Most of the coding part is licensed under the MIT license. However, the content of most posts and some images will be licensed under something else (CC-BY-4.0 by default), so you should look out for that if you want to copy or modify my content (which is totally fine if you follow the license terms).

This website was last modified at May 13, 2020.