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  • Shredding your storage device (not an April Fools' joke)

    All data that is stored in your digital storage device is stored as bytes. It is difficult for humans to work with bytes directly. Hell, it’s difficult even for computer programs running on operating systems to work with bytes directly all the time. That’s why there are also file systems, so programs and humans can manage files, not bytes. When you delete a file, you’re not really deleting them, you’re just telling the file system to ignore it so you can reuse that space on the hard drive later. But what if you want to make sure a file, or an entire device, is really erased?

  • “Hello, World!” in 5 different languages

    Humans and computers use language to communicate with the world. Spoken languages such as Portuguese and English are used as a means of communication between humans. Computers also communicate with each other using various types of languages. These languages can take the form of protocols, binary signals, among other things. But when humans want to communicate with machines? That’s when a programming language comes to place.